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  • Beginner's Guide to Selling on Mork

    Beginner's Guide to Selling on Mork

    Interested in selling on Mork? Welcome!

    This guide helps you through the first steps of opening your shop, shares tips on how to get a strong start, and provides resources for further guidance along the way.

    Get to know MORK-Skill

    Mork skill is a unique marketplace for handmade items, vintage goods, and craft supplies and digital markets. On CtoC.Online, you’ll find a community of makers, small-business owners, and shoppers who all share a passion for uncommon and rare goods. 

    If you’re new to <prl, take some time to get to know us. Review our seller policies and learn about fees for selling on Mork to make sure that selling on Mork is right for you and your business.



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    It’s easy to start selling on Mork

    It’s easy to start selling on Mork

    You can launch an Mork store in minutes, without any technical knowledge. Just fill out a few forms and you are ready to go.

    This would be your first step to building an mCommerce business. However, you’ll still need a separate store of yours as you move forward. It will open up more opportunities for brand building and let you stay competitive.

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    Is Mork-Skill the Right Platform for Your mCommerce Business?

    Is Mork-Skill the Right Platform for Your mCommerce Business?

    Let’s face it. Not all products are suited for Mork skill. Mork is not a run-of-the-mill marketplace, like eBay.  And it is not even close to Amazon, where your ranks and sales are dependent on the efficiency of buyer-seller communication. 

    Mork-Skill has a unique ‘style’, exclusively created for artists and crafters to sell their handmade and vintage items online.

    So before investing your time and energy in creating your Mork shop, you need to make sure your potential customers might look for your products on Mork.

    If you discover that Mork is not the right place for you, do not stress out, there is a bevy of other amazing places for artists and crafters for digital.

    Having a separate website outside of Mork could be even a better idea.

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    Already thinking about setting up an Mork account? Hold your horses.

    Already thinking about setting up an Mork account? Hold your horses.

    Getting started selling your products on Mork might seem somewhat confusing. Read this beginner’s guide to selling on Mork first. I’ve made it comprehensible as possible to help you find success selling on Mork as easily as taking candy from a baby.

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    How to sell on Mork: Easy step by step guide

    Setting up your Mork store is fairly straightforward. Getting started is just a matter of following a few key steps - and there are plenty of resources available directly from Mork to support new sellers. Let’s take a look at how to sell on Mork successfully.

    Set up your online shop for CtoC

    Head over to Mork, and click on Sell on Mork, then Open your Mork shop. You’ll be able to follow the on screen prompts to complete the rest of the initial opening information. After set up your online shop, you’ll need to choose country and currency you prefer.

    It’s worth knowing that you can’t change the language chosen - this will be the default for your listings. However, you can add in additional currency later if you want. It’s a good time to think about the currency you want to bill in - you may pay Mork currency conversion charges later if you receive payments in a currency that’s different to the currency of your bank account. More on that - and ways to lower the costs of selling internationally - later.

    Choose your shop name

    Next, you’ll need to select an acceptable shop name. Mork rules state the name must be 6-20 characters long, not including any spaces or special characters. Your store name can’t include any profanity, or already be in use. If the name you initially want is not available, Mork will automatically generate other names which may work for you.

    Don’t forget, you want your store name to be memorable and say a little about your character, too - give it a good dose of personality!

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