Mcommerce SEO: The Definitive Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide to Mcommerce SEO CtoC online.


Chapter 1.2: Tap into Amazon for keyword reserch

Amazon Suggest

Yes, Amazon is probably your competitor. But it’s also the biggest ecommerce site online… which makes it a product keyword goldmine.Here’s how to tap into Amazon for keyword research:

First, head over to Amazon and enter a keyword that describes one of your products.When you do, Amazon will list suggestions around that keyword.  The keywords Amazon suggests tend to be very targeted (also known as long tail keywords).  Not only do long tail keywords tend to convert better than shorter terms, but they’re usually less competitive too.

Rinse and repeat for the most important products on your site.  Amazon will sometimes suggest categories above the keyword suggestions. These make great keywords to use for category pages.

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