Mcommerce SEO: The Definitive Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide to Mcommerce SEO CtoC online.


Chapter 1.3: Spit out dozens of keyword suggestions

Keyword Tool Dominator is a nifty keyword tool that scrapes Amazon’s search suggestions.  To use it, just enter a seed keyword into the tool:  And it will spit out dozens of keyword suggestions.

Yup, this tool makes finding long tail keywords from Amazon Suggest significantly faster. But in my experience it gives you more keyword ideas too.For example, when I used the keyword “organic dog food”, Amazon suggest gave me 8 keyword ideas. The tool spit out 49. To keep things organized, you can save the best keywords to a list.

Before we leave Amazon, it’s time to use one more feature on the site that’s a goldmine for category page keywords.

tag :



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