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Chapter 1.4: How to optimize their category pages around random keywords

Amazon (and Competitor) Categories

As someone that’s consulted for dozens of m-commerce businesses, I can tell you firsthand that lots of m-commerce site owners optimize their category pages around random keywords.Sure, they’ll put some thought into what their customers might use to find products in that category. But the keywords they use tend to be, let’s just say…less than ideal.

This is a HUGE mistake. While category pages may not convert as well as product pages, they still generate sales. So it makes sense to spend time finding keywords for your category pages.And the best way to do that?Look at the categories your competitors already use.

If you’re competing against Amazon, hover over the “Departments” button at the top of the homepage. This will list out Amazon’s main categories.
Amazon – Departments
These are probably too broad for your site. So click on any that make sense so you can see that department’s subcategories:
Amazon – Browse category
Now we’re talking.You can also hit up Amazon’s list of departments.This will show you all of Amazon’s departments (and subcategories) on a single page.
Amazon site directory
Now it’s time to dig deep through the list and find category-focused keywords that match what your site sells.
For example, let’s say your site sells healthy dog food.You’d go to the “Pet supplies” category:
Amazon – Site Directory – Pet supplies
Then click on “dogs”.
Amazon – Site Directory – Pet supplies – Dogs
Then choose “food” from the list:
Amazon Pet Supplies – Dogs – Food
And Amazon will show you keywords they use to describe their dog food-related categories in the sidebar:
Amazon Pet Supplies – Dogs – Food type
These are all GREAT keywords to consider using for your dog food ecommerce category pages.

If your category is unique in some way, make sure to include that unique feature in your keyword. For example, you could turn the Amazon keyword “dry dog food” into “healthy dry dog food” or “raw dry dog food”. These keywords are going to be less competitive and more targeted than the broad versions of those terms.

Amazon is a great resource for finding category page keywords. But it’s far from the only place you can find category page keywords that your customers search for every day.That’s why I also recommend taking a look at the keywords that your industry competitors use to describe their categories.And add those keywords to your list.

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